Woodbridge Town Council Supports Campaign

Posted 12 Jan 2005 by Marc Fowler in News

On the evening of Tuesday 11th January 2005, we were invited to give a presentation to Woodbridge Town Council about our campaign to make Woodbridge an official Fairtrade Town.  We gave a twenty minute presentation and answered councillors’ questions afterwards, before leaving them to start their meeting. One of our members stayed for the meeting to see what response there would be. There was some discussion over the matter, which brought up some objections relating to the effectiveness of Fairtrade, but a vote was cast, and the motion was passed, with eight votes in favour, three against and one abstention.

Fairtrade For Woodbridge is pleased with the response, and having the backing of the Town Council means another step has been taken towards becoming a Fairtrade Town. There is, however, still quite a way to go. The Town Council are now officially supporting the campaign, but the backing of Suffolk Coastal District Council is also needed in order to gain Fairtrade Town status for Woodbridge. Fairtrade For Woodbridge, and individual consumers (the general public) also need to encourage more local businesses, retailers and catering establishments to stock and serve Fairtrade products. If you would like to help in this, please email us.  We can provide you with literature and/or specially designed ‘Order Up!’ cards to leave with your local caterers and shop owners.