Fairtrade Window Stickers In Woodbridge Shops

Posted 12 Feb 2010 by Marc Fowler in News

We have recently created two window stickers to help raise awareness of Fairtrade in Woodbridge. One is a general ‘Support Fairtrade in Woodbridge’ sticker which we would encourage people to display in their cars, homes, schools etc. The other says ‘Proud to sell Fairtrade here in Woodbridge’. We are giving one of these to each shop, catering establishment, hotel and B&B in the area who sell or provide Fairtrade products. Each sticker is 10cm square and can be attached to the inside of any window. They are ‘self cling’ and can be moved around as required.

If you would like a sticker to display in your window, please call Marc Fowler on 01394 470473 or email info@fairtradeforwoodbridge.org.uk

We have already distributed the ‘Proud to Sell Fairtrade’ stickers to the following businesses, so look out for them when you shop in Woodbridge; The Bull Hotel, Boots, Browsers, Budgens, Co-Op, Costa, Georgian Coffee Shop, Oxfam, Le Chocolat Belge, St Mary’s House.