About Fairtrade

Fairtrade, as we know it today, has been around for over 20 years. It is a system designed to alleviate poverty and improve the lives of millions¬† in developing countries around the world. Working with small scale producers who are vulnerable to injustices in the world’s conventional trading systems, Fairtrade gives them a way to work themselves out of poverty. The benefits of Fairtrade have improved thousands of communities, resulting in better working and living conditions, improved schools, wells, community projects and so on, all of which come about as a result of these producers being suitably rewarded for their hard work and expertise.

The Fairtrade system relies on people in coutries such as the UK buying products with the FAIRTRADE Mark on them. This label is a sign that the product bearing it has met stringent criteria to ensure the producers have been dealt with fairly.

For full details of how Fairtrade works, and the many ways it is improving lives every day, we suggest you go to the UK’s Fairtrade Foundation website.

Our site will help you find Fairtrade products in Woodbridge. We strongly encourage you to buy Fairtrade products whereever you can. Fairtrade has grown immensely since the late 1980s, and quite simply, the more people buy Fairtrade products, the more people it can help.